Be Kind Cafe Geneva

Image by Rahul Jha

Be Kind Cafe – Plant-based food only

Plant-based food options are gaining momentum, and this is one of the nicest places in Geneva where we can try a 100% plant-based diet without verifying and checking the ingredients, because they do not have any meat or dairy options on the menu. I personally find it quite stressful when I have to read between the lines at a restaurant to figure if the ingredients contain any animal products. 

The waiters are friendly and they will help you with food selection. The menu is not that diverse and it’s a blessing in disguise because smaller menu items means less time wasted in making a decision. They make up for it with an increased selection in their desserts. When I go to eat there, I stick to one of 2 favorites: a protein bowl or a vegan burrito/wrap. Both are quite good. For desserts, I love their banana cake! As a vegan, I am often deprived of dessert options since they all contain eggs/milk and this is where I quench my cravings for sweets. They also serve coffee with the usual oat milk which is quite decent. 

They may ask you whether you want to drink something – if you don’t, you may ask for some tap water and they will serve it to you for free. For price-conscious travelers.

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Rue David-Dufour 8, Geneva

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Mon - Fri 07:00 - 16:00


Main dish: CHF 15


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