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Herstreet – An urban space dedicated to women

I discovered this place while conducting interviews to discover restaurants that are passionate about sustainability aspects for my startup idea, namely estimating carbon and nutrition scores at Swiss restaurants. What makes this place special is that it’s a woman-focused / owned business and even though I am not a woman, I have enjoyed great cappuccinos at this place as well as Christmas market in the past.

I talked to their owner and could feel her passion from her stories about reusing furniture and upcycling them to be sustainable and offering alternative milk in their coffee. The same place has markets on some days, sometimes it’s an art installation or exhibition or yoga class venue. Her vision is to support women who are often bearing the brunt of raising kids, but that should not stop them from having a space where they can go and work, a place that is designed to the needs of working women.

As a feminist, I feel obliged to write about them because I do not see many places like these. If you are travelling to Geneva, consider spending some of your money on their business because they are playing a role in bridging the gender divide by catering to woman business owners.

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Rue des Pierres-du-Niton 6, Geneva

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Mon - Thu & Sat 09:00 - 17:00




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