Oui-Non Sculpture Geneva

Image by Juliette Bourquin

Oui-Non Sculpture – One step to change your mind

What I like the most about the Oui-Non sculpture created by the Swiss Markus Raetz in the heart of Geneva is its anonymity and that it comes to life through movement and perspective. 

The first move is to raise your head. Indeed, the sculpture stands 10 meters above the ground and will probably stay hidden if you don’t look up. Actually, many people living in Geneva have never noticed it because of that, even if they cross this area daily.

The sculpture consists of three braids of golden iron on top of a mast. Depending on where you stand, you will read “oui” (=yes), “non” (=no), or just see some kind of metal tube. I advise you to walk from one side to the other to see the words change.

The Place du Rhône was totally renovated recently, with big benches arranged in circles all around the sculpture. They are a perfect spot for a sandwich break a few meters from the Rhône River. You also have a nice view of the sculpture from them… you just have to choose your side-view: Oui or Non?

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Place du Rhône, Geneva

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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