Tower of St Pierre Cathedral Geneva

Image by Juliette Bourquin

Tower of St Pierre Cathedral – Great view of Geneva

The geographic enviornment of Geneva is called a basin. Indeed, the city is surrounded by mountains: in the North-West stands the Jura, in the South-West: the Vuache, in the South: the Mont-de-Sion and the Salève, and in the South-East: the Voirons. Thanks to this topography, the lake was created (and there is fog in winter :-)). A good way to get an overview of Geneva’s surroundings is to climb up the 157 steps to the top of Saint-Pierre Cathedral’s towers! From there, there is a wonderful view above the roof of the buildings of the old town, but in particular, of the lake and on the mountains – Mont-Blanc as well!

As part of the Genevese identity, knowing where the Jura or the Salève is located can be useful. Indeed, many people use these landmarks to find their way or help others do so. Instead of “in the direction of the North/South” people easily say “in the direction of Jura/Salève”! And when winter is coming, we are used to looking at the top of both those mountains waiting for the first snow.

And of course, a visit to the Saint-Pierre Cathedral is also worth, if just for the building itself. It is definitely part of Geneva’s skyline and its history: built as a catholic church, it became a protestant during the Reformation and Calvin.

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