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Margo Vanwildemeersch

About me
Payroll officer by day, full-time discoverer at night.

I moved to the city as an 18-year-old to study in 2014 and never left. Coming from a small town, I kept being amazed by all the opportunities you can get here and all the places I still have to discover.

In my free time, I love travelling to new places, reading books and drinking the occasional glass of wine. To keep myself active, I run, and you can find me twice a month in the climbing gym.

Not a day goes by without me checking Skyscanner for the next cheap flight or grabbing a cup of coffee either at work or a trendy coffee bar.

Why Ghent
Ghent holds a special place in my heart. I arrived in this “big” city with only a handful of friends and no knowledge of the city. Ghent has such an open mind and is ideal in terms of location and geography.

It’s big but not too big, which makes it a perfect destination for a citytrip or a roadtrip through Belgium. Ghent is an ever-changing city where you can find a new coffee bar every couple of streets to then be amazed by the beautiful historic monuments.

It is my hometown and the place where I can be creative.

Where else can you find me online?

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