Cuberdons Ghent

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Cuberdons – Famous candy from Ghent

In Ghent, we are proud to offer you some typical products from our region. One of them is the ‘cuberdon’. It is a cone-shaped Belgian candy with a honey-sweet raspberry flavour. In Dutch we call them ‘neuzekes’ (little noses) because they look like a human nose. Cuberdons are made with Arabic gum. You can easily recognize them thanks to their purple colour.

In the city center, there is a little square called ‘Groentenmarkt’ with some cuberdon history. As you walk on the square you will see two men selling the same purple candy. However, it is said that those gentlemen can’t stand each other. Carl Demeestere (the owner of the 1st stand) and Sonny Breine (the owner of the 2nd stand) have been fighting for ages: Carl was the first to sell the Ghent candies from the window of his bakery, but Sonny placed a stand with the same candy right in front of the bakery. Carl struck back by putting a copy of Sonny’s stall right next to him. Until now, this story has been kept alive and is now part of the folklore of Ghent. From whom to buy the candy? I leave it up to you…

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Groentenmarkt, Ghent

Opening Times

10:00 - 18:00 daily


1 small bag: € 5
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