Clydeside Distillery Glasgow

Image by Lisa La Marra

Clydeside Distillery – A wee dram on the Clyde

It is often a struggle for visitors and locals who don’t have a car to find a distillery that can be reached by public transport. Fortunately, Glasgow can now pride itself on having its own set of stills – or pot stills, those hefty copper kettles that produce our beloved Scotch Whisky. 

Opened in 2018, the Clydeside Distillery is conveniently located on the north bank of the River Clyde, and it is very easy to get there by bus and by train. If you don’t mind a quick walk, the distillery can be reached from the city centre in just over 20 minutes, and is well worth the trek!

Despite being a relatively small site, the Clydeside Distillery offers a very interesting choice of experiences, which span from the classic guided tour (very fun and informative, followed by a nice whisky tasting) to the exclusive Distillery Manager Tour, a real treat for all whisky connoisseurs. The actual production area is only accessible if accompanied by a tour guide, but most of the tour highlights can be seen from both the inside and the outside of the Distillery.

Take a moment to admire Clydeside’s extensive collection of rare Scottish brands, as well as to buy a bottle of New Make Spirit at the distillery shop. And if after the visit you feel a bit peckish, you can pop by the cafe and try a selection of Scottish delicacies such as smoked salmon, cheddar and Scottish oatcakes.

Sláinte! Enjoy the visit!

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Stobcross Road 100, Glasgow

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10:00 - 17:00 daily


1hr guided tour: £ 15


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