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Articles are personal opinions of our Spotters. Of course we value your opinion too!

There are a few simple rules. Comments are subject to deletion if they:

1) Are not in English
Please only comment in English.

2) Do not add value to the discussion / are not an opinion about the spot
Please only comment about your opinion of a spot you have visited. Do you disagree with the Spotter’s opinion? That’s fine, but please explain why!

If you have an opinion about facts in an article (e.g. opening times, prices), or questions about our website, please email us.

3) Are flaming, trolling, or personal attacks:
Flaming: hostile or deliberately insulting messages
Trolling: comments intended to induce an angry response or disrupt a discussion
Personal attacks: derogatory, profane or offensive messages

4) Are spam
Are you a spam-machine, or do you want to promote your products or services? Not here please!

Questions about this? Please contact us!

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