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Mark Woltzen (1989)

About me
Hi folks, or as we say in Hamburg: Moin Leude! I am Mark, born and raised in rural East Frisia and living in my adopted home Hamburg since 2015.

Let me briefly introduce myself. I’ve worked in the travel industry since I started studying in 2009 and have been traveling on my own for more than a decade as well. I really enjoyed working in different backpacker hostels, for example. Making new friends, learning new cultures and tasting or cooking new food are the things I really love, but what I really like the most is to share new stories. You can find me in big cities as well as in the nature and I always prefer being in good company. I do backpacking trips once or twice per year and visit friends in different parts of Germany almost every month.

Furthermore, I am a big music addict. I play the drums as often as I can and you rarely see me without my headphones listening to different kinds of rock music. I’ve played football since I was 4 years old and I’ve been getting excited about American Football recently, but I think I will leave that at just watching. What else do I like? Talking, listening, drinking, eating, cycling, walking, sleeping, dancing… and stopping writing about me. If you want to know more, just ask!

Why Hamburg
When I first came to Hamburg with my parents, I was 6 years old, and astonished. Astonished by the big city, the fast river and the freaky people on Reeperbahn. OK, my village just had a handful of inhabitants, but my love for Hamburg took fire.

In my teenage years Hamburg was the first city I spent my holidays in without my parents and it remained my most visited place throughout my student years.

There are many reasons why at some point my girlfriend and I couldn’t keep resisting, so we moved. As a start, I like the mentality of the people. They are honest and helpful, they are true and when you crack their shell, they are the most friendly and loyal. In Hamburg’s pubs you can meet old harbor workers with some story to tell, authentic people from the red light district, young students or apprentices and tourists.

Hamburg and its harbor has always welcomed people from all over the world and you can thankfully still feel this openness and tolerance. Hamburg has nice parks and gardens, a lot of water and more bridges than Venice or Amsterdam. Moreover, Hamburg offers a huge cultural variety. If you like concerts or musicals, theatres or exhibitions, you will not be disappointed.

For me, the most buzzing places are St. Pauli or Sternschanze where you can discover the alternative part of Hamburg. Just grab yourself a beer and have a blast, walk your way to the Elbe and watch the dawn, buy fish on the Fischmarkt and you will share my love for Hamburg, I promise!

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