Malmö – Something for all tastes

Malmö (by Werner Nystrand)

From forest excursions in Torup, Michelin star restaurants in the city and long days at Ribersborg beach there’s something for everyone in Sweden’s third largest city – Malmö.

Malmö is on the rise internationally, steadily growing and attracting visitors from all over the world. Easily accessed by train from Europe and CPH Airport (just 15 minutes away), Malmö is perfect for a weekend getaway.

A short, 15 min bus ride will take you out to Torup Castle with its beautiful parks, gardens and the surrounding Bokskogen forest. A popular recreational area, you will find both locals and visitors exploring its laid paths. Torup Castle also hosts events all year around with guided tours, outdoor playgrounds and expos. Sweden’s Right of Public Access allows you to roam and explore the nature freely, given it’s treated with care of course.

Malmö (by Werner Nystrand)

On the opposite side of the city, Malmö offers a long beach with views of the bridge and Copenhagen silhouette. Ribersborg’s beach is the go-to spot for Malmö locals during summer, both for lunch break dips and full day hanging out. Along the beach, from Sibbarp to Västra Hamnen, you’ll find multiple piers, bbq-spots and recreational areas. If you’re the adventurous type, there are reserved areas for skinny dipping as well!

In the city centre you’ll quickly see Malmö is also a strong player in the restaurant scene. Known as “Capital of Falafel” in Sweden, you’ll find countless small shops with the tasty, fried chickpea balls, but the city offers large variety of cuisines. From Michelin star restaurants like Vollmers and Bloom in the Park, via top rated family-style dinner spots like Kv Åkern or Bastard to food courts like Malmö Saluhall and Mitt Möllan. Praised for its relaxing atmosphere and accessibility, you’ll find everything is within walking distance, or do as the locals and jump on a bike.

So, you see, whether you’re into food and city strolls, chilling by the sea or forest hikes, you can do it all in Malmö.

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