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Image by Kyra Garske

Park Café – Or how to relax the simple way

I’ve lived in Altona for many years now and when I’m on my way (by bike or on foot) to Schanze oder St. Pauli I cross the Walter-Möller-Park. Almost 2 km long (from Fischmarkt in the south to S-Bahn Hostenstraße) Walter-Möller-Park is one of the beautiful green lungs of Altona. Due to the bombing in WWII the whole area was unutterably destroyed. One of the most famous landscape architects Prof. Herta Hammerbacher created the Park in 1958. It was named after antifascist Walter Möller, who was murdered in 1933 in this place.

Now, during present times, beside the huge, fenced dog playground and the two high skyscrapers, a really high old bunker and the new public swimming pool “Festland”, you can find a beautiful oasis for young and old. In the middle of the park there is a café, called Park Café, of course.

That very laid-back place keeps it simple. No frills, no Galão, no fancy new coffee styles: just coffee with milk and sugar or black. You can buy ice cream and grab a plastic chair and relax under the trees. The children’s playground is also nice for the young and the young at heart: there’s a huuuuuge sliding board and ropeway! In wintertime you can go sledding here, how cool is that?!

It’s absolutely worth a visit if you wanna be with locals and not see tourists as far as the eye can see…

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