Tiny Oyster Inn Hamburg

Image by Matthias Claudius Marcus

Tiny Oyster Inn – St. Pauli’s best cocktails

It is a bold statement to say that St. Pauli needed another bar. Some nights you get the feeling that St. Pauli is made of bars. Some are big and rowdy, some are small and cozy, most are simply insignificant. So, yes, St. Pauli needed the Tiny Oyster Inn.

It’s a cool and comfortable cocktail bar off the beaten track, made for the conscious connoisseurs and the adventurous night revellers alike. The Tiny Oyster Inn is not your typical upscale bar with a self-important barkeeper and a too-cool-to-care vibe. Rather, it feels like a really well made neighborhood bar with a welcoming host, a tasteful interior and a great but discreet music. You feel right at home.

The Inn offers a variety of local beers (on tap) and all the cocktails you can imagine. The mixology craftsmanship is rock solid – you can tell right away. Everything from the nice (and understated) glassware and the perfect ice cubes to the high-quality spirits tells you that you have found the right place. Finally, St. Pauli has a spot-on watering hole. And you can even light a cigarette to go with that smokey Mezcal drink.

It doesn’t hurt that the Tiny Oyster is located next to a newly opened and ever-buzzing restaurant with a great young chef and the best value-for-the-money menu in St. Pauli, the Wohlers. What a great pair they make!

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Details about this spot



Wohlers Allee 10, Hamburg

Opening Times

Wed - Thu 19:00 - 02:00, Fri - Sat 19:00 - 03:00


Negroni: € 11

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