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Antti Heimo (1979)

About me
Hello from Helsinki.

I’m an advertising copywriter who likes artisan beers, music, basketball, football and (graphic/industrial/city/UI) design. And good books. And swimming outside the official beach.

I’ve lived in Helsinki since I was born. I spent my childhood in Kruununhaka and then moved to Vallila. Kruununhaka is known for antique stores, old blocks and the Helsinki Cathedral. Vallila, located right next to Kallio district, is more famous for pizza, Thai-massages and cheap beer. But that’s not the whole truth.

Although still a bit rugged, Kallio and Vallila have been developing into more vivid areas lately. I try to spot some hidden gems around the area. To get the best out of it I recommend some pre-planning. If you visit the nearby Linnanmäki amusement park or take a walk around Töölönlahti bay, it’s easy to try some of the less official tourist attractions here as well.

Why Helsinki?
Helsinki is very nice in the summer. Winter is more demanding, even for us locals. It’s not a huge city, so maybe it’s the contrasts of hot and cold, big and small, that makes it feel special. It’s is clean, safe and very suited to walk or bike around. And then there’s the sea and archipelago.

Where can you find me online?

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