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Antti Lumiainen (1984)

About me
I’m a 30-something guy from Finland who has spent some years abroad and moved to Helsinki in 2012. Originally I’m a small town boy (who am I kidding, it’s not even a town, but a tiny little village), but learned that I’m more at home in bigger places where there’s always something happening.

In my “past life” I was a tour leader/holiday guide, guiding the Finnish travelers in countries like Egypt, Bulgaria, Mexico and Turkey. Now I’ve found myself in the world of meetings and events, working for an international association.

You could say I’m a bit of movie a geek and proud of it. Movies are a great passion of mine and you can find me at the local cinema about 20 times more often than the national average. I’ve also somehow ended up as a food blogger and have been doing that for two years now. Seems that I function better when there’s always something to do.

I love, love, LOVE traveling and experiencing and exploring new countries and cities. If I were to win in the lottery, I’d be on the road for good most likely. Getting to know a new place usually includes walking around somewhat aimlessly and seeing what comes across.

Why Helsinki?
The first time I realized that Helsinki is a really cool place was in 2007 when the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Helsinki. Suddenly I noticed all the wonderful opportunities the city had.

I’ve only lived in Helsinki a few years now and can’t claim that I know all its secrets yet. But I’m so thrilled to have the chance to learn more every day. Helsinki is one of those places that has a lot happening under the surface. It might seem quiet sometimes and maybe even uneventful, but that’s certainly not the case. You just need to dig a little bit deeper and you’ll find tons of treasures.

I like Helsinki because it does challenge you to find those gems. It doesn’t just show them to you. You have to work a bit to get to know the city and that’s very rewarding.

Where can you find me online?

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