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Aino-Marja from Helsinki

Arts manager. Like its residents, the mood of Helsinki changes according to the ...

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Treasure hunt for Finnish treats at any grocery store! Hyvää ruokahalua, bon appétit!

You can’t go more Finnish than Karjalanpiirakka. Karelian pies are somewhat naughty looking pies with porridge in the middle. Near them you’ll find Korvapuusti cinnamon rolls. Check the shelves with freshly baked goods for these.

There’s no bread like the dark Finnish rye bread. So get some ruisleipä, for example Reissumies or Fazer Täysjyvä Puikula. Ruisleipä is at its best toasted and served with butter.

Leipäjuusto is known as ‘Finnish squeaky cheese’ for a reason. This pizza look-a-like cheese is often served with coffee or cloudberry jam on top.

Skip the beer and pick up a can of Finnish Lonkero – a drink originally developed for the 1952 Helsinki Summer Olympics. A non-alcoholic treat could be a bottle of Jaffa or in the spring time Sima, a traditional May-day drink.

The Finnish candy favorite number one, Salmiakki, is made from ammonium chloride and to a rookie it can taste quite bizarre. Try Pantteri or Super Salmiakki. To help you recover from salmiakki, I suggest any chocolate by Fazer or the amazing Kartanon perunalastut chips.

Every kid also knows that after eating you should chew some Jenkki xylitol gum to keep your teeth healthy! And to keep fresh otherwise, get the Erittäin Hieno Suomalainen Shampoo (“The Very Fine Finnish Shampoo”) – either the classic blue bottle or if feeling bold, choose to smell like birch (green bottle) or the ever so lovely tar (brown bottle) for the rest of your trip!

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Aino-Marja from Helsinki

Aino-Marja Miettinen photo

Arts manager. Like its residents, the mood of Helsinki changes according to the ...

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