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Image by Joonas Kervinen

Viiskulma – Five corners of urban culture

Viiskulma (“five corners”) refers to the specific intersection of five streets in Punavuori in Helsinki. All the locals know this as a landmark because before Kallio had got so hip and trendy around 10 years ago, Punavuori used to be by far the coolest area in the city regarding urban culture. Back then, I would go to Viiskulma to dig in the crates of several record stores, which have been limited to only three now. Internationally acknowledged Five Corners Quintet was even named after Viiskulma and photos of the place have been used on album covers!

The spirit is not gone yet though! For music, I still appreciate the services of excellent Digelius Music (founded in 1971), with a focus on world music and jazz, incredible Eronen specializing in funky, groovy rhythm music, and the second-hand audio and LP store A.H. Records. Besides music, there have always been fresh and interesting things popping up in Viiskulma. Nowadays, one might be tempted by the highly praised Brooklyn Café, or The Barber Shop, which might just be the coolest place to get a haircut.

Of course, you will find more small boutiques and hip places nearby in all directions as well. While Kallio still maintains at least some of its roughness & ruggedness, these city blocks were always more elegant and stylish. With most of the hip crowd hanging nowadays around in Kallio, there’s still a lovely charm to be enjoyed here &new curiosities all the time!

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