Interrail – travel across Europe by train with 1 pass!

Traveling by train is the most enjoyable way to travel in Europe and sometimes even the fastest! Spotted by Locals founders Sanne & Bart traveled to many of “our” European destinations by train using an Interrail pass.

What’s Interrail?

Interail is pass that gives you extensive access to train travel, some very useful ferries and discounts in 30 countries in Europe.

Why travel by train?

Spotted by Locals co-founder Bart working on train

There are many reasons, but if you’d ask us we’d say:

  • It’s relaxing! Sit back, relax and enjoy the unique sound. Or walk around!
  • The views! Yes, the views from an airplane window can be unique, but you see a lot more detail from a (much larger) train window!
  • The freedom! You can just hop on and off – usually without needing a reservation
  • Think green! Train travel is the most environmentally friendly way of traveling

What Interrail passes are available? has detailed information on the type of passes that are available and how to use the passes.


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