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Deniz Dönmez (1991)

About me
I study Political Science, I occasionally work for the Istanbul festivals, and I love to travel, see movies, buy books when there is a shelf-load waiting to be read, walk around with no aim, lie in the open air, have raki and meze, city-hop on wikipedia, make quince marmalade instead of studying for finals, go out with friends, stay in with friends, hope for the weekend to come, go on ferry rides and make plans to get out of Istanbul for a while, knowing I can never stay away for long.

Why Istanbul?
Istanbul is a giant cauldron of everything historical, delightful, funny, chaotic and tasty. While everyone tries to tame it with their definitions, “the bridge between cultures”, “the city that never sleeps”, “where the east meets west”, etc, the city denies all definitions.

It might not be the cleanest, the safest, the most organized or the prettiest, but it doesn’t care –it’s definitely one of the most spectacular cities in the world. I love my city because it’s never the same as the day before, but it also is the same as hundreds of years ago.

It has something new to offer to everyone each day, and however long you’ve lived in Istanbul, you’ve never ‘seen it all’ or ‘been all around’. It’s inexhaustible, and as long as you’re in for the ride, Istanbul will definitely take you on the most astounding rides there is.

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