Sevcan Celik (1986)

About me
I was born in Mersin, a Mediterranean city and studied in Ankara for my bachelor degree in linguistics. In 2006, I spent one year in Poznan, Poland to teach Turkish to 40 foreign students. I got my graduate degree in media and communication systems. Now I am working in the retail marketing industry as marketing manager.

I frequently go to many restaurants and try their menu. I also cook at home and write about all my experiences on my blog called, unfortunately it’s only in Turkish…

Why Istanbul?
Living in Istanbul was my dream. I didn’t have the chance to study in Istanbul but every week I would be in the city. When I finished my bachelor degree, I did not wait any longer, I packed my bags and moved to Istanbul.

When I feel depressed, crossing the bridge is enough. When I want to celebrate, I can find an event that suits my mood easily. For example you can find several music events in one day. Why would I leave Istanbul and go somewhere else?

Where can you find me online?
Bir Yemek Hikayesi blog

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