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Serhii Huleikov (1980)

About me
I am a television producer, living in Kiev since 1997. For many years I worked as a bartender in pubs and nightclubs, which led to being friends with half of the city. Though I stopped partying for a living, the life-long party never stops. My motto is “emotions are better than money”, so I try to keep it as fun as possible. Life gives us a great choice of pleasures, and I enjoy both a vodka dinner with a bunch of friends and an all-day bicycle ride around Kiev parks.

Why I love my city
The biggest asset Kiev has is its people. I am truly happy to live here at this time of change, seeing all these cool people do their thing and changing our society makes me feel so good. Another thing I love about this city is being able to walk for hours barely leaving tree shade. There are parks everywhere, some looking more like wild forests. And last but not least: having a grand river right in the middle of the city gives KIev a special charm.

Where else can you find me online?

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