Beksinski Gallery Krakow

Image by Katarzyna Hylińska

Beksinski Gallery – What hides in an artist’s mind

Zdzisław Beksiński was one of the biggest Polish contemporary artists: he was a painter, photographer and sculptor, specializing in the field of surrealism. Nowa Huta Cultural Center (NCK) is lucky to show some of his paintings from my favourite period of his work – the “fantastic” one. I know that the paintings presented in Krakow are disturbing; they show surrealistic environments with detailed scenes of death, landscapes filled with skeletons, abandoned buildings and deformed figures. When you look at them you can be sure that this is what he had in mind, in his subconscious. And yet, they’re so original that you cannot stop staring at them. For some people they are fascinating. while for others, unacceptable.

Beksinski’s life was as tragic as his work: his son committed suicide, his wife was depressed and he was killed in 2005. Sounds like the Last Family, which was title of the movie about Bekinski’s life. Good that he left so many artworks—most of them are in Museum in Sanok (his hometown) but a small sample we can admire in Krakow. Come to NCK, see those famous paintings and decide whether you’re scared or captivated.

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