Good Lood Krakow

Image by Tomasz Stankiewicz

Good Lood – A promise delivered

Ice cream is terribly popular and to call it a local speciality would be strange and unfounded. You can find plenty of tasty ice cream spots around Kraków (Coca on Warszauera, Dionizetti on Augustyńska), but there is one which is quite special.

As per the name, their ice cream is supposed to be ‘good’ (‘lód’ meaning ‘ice cream’ in Polish) – which is a very modest claim. Their first spot – on plac Wolnica, opened last year – was almost an overnight sensation. By the end of the summer, people would queue in front of 4 venues in various parts of town. This year it’s already 8 locations and they attract a crowd.

The ice cream (and sorbets) is produced with only natural ingredients and the flavours range from classic to absolute little wonders. The wonders might at first seem more appealing – and they are indeed excellent, taking as example rose, figue&poppy seed, pear&martini or cottage cheese with mango. Don’t be fooled however – the classics (caramel with pink himalayan salt, cream, dark chocolate, strawberry) are true hits and deserve just as much praise. Those classic flavours are always on the menu and the other options change more or less daily.

Open till late in the night, delivering exquisite quality ice cream, this has already become a beloved spot of mine. If you’re on holiday, take advantage of this and avoid the crowds – go (once, twice…) before 17:00, when the locals are at work.

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Plac Wolnica 11, Krakow

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11:00 - 00:00 daily


Serving: PLN 4


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