Krakowskie Zakąski Krakow

Image by Małgorzata Stypka

Krakowskie Zakąski – Well done

There is a certain type of bar which, lately, has been very popular in Krakow: one where you pay 4 zł for drinks and 8 for food. These places are visited by many and seem to be very popular. This can be perceived as a huge asset as well as a drawback – they’re always very crowded and after a certain time due to alcohol consumption, fellow visitors start to be a nuisance.

Krakowskie Zakąski started with a similar idea, however the prices were 5/10 zł, with more expensive drinks available. Now I think they gave up this idea altogether, nevertheless this does not mean that the place is not worth visiting.

The spot is not easy to notice from the street – you have to enter a dark corridor and then go through a rather solid door. It’s worth it. The interior – I cannot describe it other than brilliant. Dim light and dark, heavy furniture nicely correspond with a rather rough character of the room as such. Another important feature are the tall windows, next to which you can sit. Needless to say, these seats are first to be taken. For those who prefer an open space, there’s also a garden, likewise – very pretty.

It’s not that busy, the visitors are quite calm, the music I always find good, the interior is very well done and as it’s kind of hidden, you get a feeling of seclusion and intimacy. That’s rare and should be appreciated.

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ul. Sławkowska 16, Krakow

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Opening Times

15:00 - 06:00 daily


Shot: PLN 5

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