Nowa Prowincja Krakow

Image by Małgorzata Stypka

Nowa Prowincja – Krakow’s living room

I don’t think it’s really possible to live in Krakow and never have visited Nowa Prowincja, let alone never heard of it. It’s the “younger sister” of Prowincja, which used to be located just next door, but closed allegedly due to administrative issues. Now all that’s left is the “younger” spot, which people call “Prowincja” anyway.

It’s a place for everyone. Elders, students, yuppies… Whatever your circle might be, you’re welcome at Nowa Prowincja. Among its visitors are “ordinary” citizens as well as more famous individuals, for instance people known in literary circles. Interestingly enough, no one really gets excited about it (ok, Erasmus students won’t recognize local celebrities, but still) – it’s really a place where everyone can feel casual.

When writing about Nowa Prowincja I cannot not mention hot chocolate. Although they have good coffee, good beers, various cakes, other types of alcohol etc., the treat that Prowincja is famous for is hot chocolate. Thick, luscious, served in coffee cups, it’s really kind of a symbol of this place. If you’re not a fan though, you shouldn’t worry – there’s plenty more on offer.

Nowa Prowincja is an absolute classic and definitely worth a visit for those who are looking for a traditional, 100% Krakow-style spot.

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ul. Bracka 3-5, Krakow

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Opening Times

08:30 - 00:30 daily


Coffee: PLN 6


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