Piwnica pod Baranami Krakow

Image by Ewelina Tłuczek

Piwnica pod Baranami – World’s cabaret

Piwnica pod Baranami is a unique place on the map of Krakow. It was opened in 1956 and is full of history, tradition but most of all full of music, artists and laughter. Since the very beginning it was like home for young artists from many different genres: writers, musicians, actors, as well as their friends and faithful audiences.

For many years the most renowned political cabaret in the country was performed in the basement; and it still continues its activities, even after the death of its co-founder – Piotr Skrzynecki in 1996. Also, from the 50s, Piwnica was a center of jazz in Poland and nowadays a very important event connected with this music – Summer Jazz Festival – is organized every year.

After nearly fifty years Piwnica has become a legend of local eccentricity and its influence has been described: “It was much more than a cabaret. It was a breath of freedom and of ironic distance to the reality which surrounded us.” And this ironic distance can sometimes still be found there.

What else can you find here – great music (I’m in heaven when I hear the soundtrack of the Amélie movie), nice drinks and very specific (only in the positive sense) staff – like the charming bartender ;).

So go there, see and feel the real, old Krakow!

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Details about this spot



Rynek Główny 27, Krakow

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Opening Times

11:00 - 02:00 daily


Cup of tea: PLN 6


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