Święta Krowa Krakow

Image by Małgorzata Stypka

Święta Krowa – So close and yet, so far

Floriańska street is probably one of the most touristic – and hence busy – places in Krakow. However, if you want to go for a drink there, and not feel like a tourist, it’s possible if you know where to look.

Hidden in the basement of one of the tenant buildings, Święta Krowa is a place even many locals don’t know about. After going into a gateway leading to a sports shop, you will find a wooden door to your right. Push it and go downstairs.

There you will find a cozy, warm interior, its design having a slight hint of the East (the name “Święta Krowa” means “Holy Cow”). The noise from Floriańska doesn’t penetrate the walls, which gives a wonderful feeling of seclusion. What’s also noteworthy is the selection of drinks: they are all only to be found in Święta Krowa; in the winter my personal favourites are Ciepła Krowa (Warm Cow) and the classic mulled wine.

This place is quite unique, thanks to many factors, such as its atmosphere, delicious beverages, cool furniture and interior (entresols!) as well as the fact that it’s kind of secretive. When you go there, please enjoy responsibly and respect the shared secret.

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Details about this spot



Floriańska 16, Krakow

Opening Times

Daily from 16:00


0.5L beer: PLN 7

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