Alley of artists Kyiv

Image by Lena Shcherbak

Alley of artists – Arty path with a view

Andriyivskiy descent is one of the most popular and beautiful places in Kyiv and you should definitely come here during your visit. This street, which connects lower and middle Kyiv, has a lot to offer – Andriyivska church, Kyiv hills, historical buildings, secret backyards, cozy cafes and lots of artisan crafts. I love this street but it can get quite crowded over the weekends, and you are after something only locals know, right?

If you pass Andriyivska church and turn right, you’ll find yourself on a quiet alley. It doesn’t have a name but it usually goes by the name “alley of artists”. Art here doesn’t really differ from what is sold on Andriyivskiy descent – same prices, same style. You can walk past the stalls and on your right you’ll see a very interesting building – gallery “D12”. It is closed most of the time, but once in a while there are great pop-up fairs and markets where you can buy local clothes, food and other stuff. The building actually has two entrances, one – from Desyatynna street and one from here.

Go further past the gallery and you’ll see the funicular. I think this is the best spot on the alley and it is also a pretty secret one – you can go underneath the funicular, enjoy the view and take lots of pictures. The alley ends here and merges into the park Volodymyrska hill.

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Andriyivskyy descent 23, Kyiv

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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