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Elena Shcherbak (1986)

About me
I’ve lived in Kyiv all my life. While I love to travel I have never wanted to move anywhere else. There’s everything you could possibly want here – parks, beaches, busy city centre, quiet neighborhoods and an old historical part. But if I were to choose, my choice would probably be Seattle or Amsterdam.

I am an education advisor – my main job is to help students choose and apply to schools and universities in the UK. The best thing about my job is that I get to travel and meet a lot of different people with various interests.

Kyiv’s history is one of my interests, I try to learn something new about it whenever I have a chance. I am not much of a party/club person so the majority of my favorite places are outdoors and most of them are free.

Why Kyiv?
I love Kyiv. I love living here and returning here, seeing the changes that it constantly goes through. It is not too big and not too small, just perfect in order to feel comfortable.

Kyiv has a very complicated history, it was constantly taken over by someone, destroyed and rebuilt. Many cultures, ethnicities, architectural styles are combined in it and you can come across a modern glass skyscraper, a XI-century monastery, a Soviet mural and a Gothic cathedral while walking on the same street.

What I also like is that Kyiv has a very diverse landscape. It’s situated on two banks of Dnipro river, there are numerous islands, sandy beaches, forests, hills and even a desert!

Where can you find me online?

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