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Yuliya Tutova (1978)

About me
I worked as a business consultant and a couple of years ago I founded a little internet shop of Asian cosmetics, Hitomi Shop (see links below).

I’m a huge traveler, and thanks to the Spotted by Locals guide I’ve found some new places even in Milano, which I have visited more than 30 times already! So I hope I’ll be able to contribute decently to the great beginning of yours!

Why Kyiv?
I grew up in the industrial megalopolis in the East of Ukraine and moved to Kyiv when I was 19. I have a great passion for history and urbanization, so such an old and beautiful city became a perfect environment for me. It’s up to you – whether you discover it just in one single day or you’ve got a chance to spend a long time here – there is always something to see and to enjoy.

Kyiv is changing so fast, getting new inspirations from the current political and economical situation. A lot of active residents got a kick to start something of their own, to implement their ideas and dreams – like small bars, Sunday markets and numerous cultural activities.

Even with all the scars of the Soviet times it succeeded to save its own unique style, being big and small at the same time, exactly like most of the European capitals

Where can you find me online?
Hitomi Shop Facebook
Hitomi Shop

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