Behterevskiy lane Kyiv

Image by Lena Shcherbak

Behterevskiy lane – Ruins in the backyard

I’ve lived in many places in Kyiv and number two on my personal list belongs to cozy Behterevskiy lane. The lane is located on a hill, in the historical place Kudriavets near the busy central Artema street. The lane is very short and it ends with the entrance to the monastery, so there is almost no traffic. To most people it is known as the location of Pokrovskiy monastery – the biggest monastery in Kyiv. But there is also another place here which is not so well known.

If you walk into the backyard of the building №10, you’ll see three walls of a ruin. These are the remains of a hundred year old building. Once they were set to be demolished but luckily it is a historical monument now. The building was once home to our famous writer Ivan Nechuy-Levytskiy. There are some apricot trees in the backyard, so if you are here in summer, don’t miss a chance to have some.

Another interesting place is building 4G which has a small cozy cafe in the backyard. This year they had mini parties with music, movies and barbeque.

When you’ve seen everything on this lane, you should find the hidden stairs by building №14 which lead to Kudriavskiy descent. From here you can get to the lower Kyiv – Podil. Or you can go back to Artema street and have a snack at Orang+utan bar which is not far.

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Behterevskiy lane, Kyiv

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