Building 4B Kyiv

Image by Lena Shcherbak

Building 4B – A secret shortcut

There are two good reasons I keep this place in mind. First – it is a shortcut from Maydan Nezalezhnosti to European square, second – it is an opportunity to look behind the scenes and see the inside of Kyiv’s main street.

I usually start at the bottom of the stairs which lead to Zhovtnevyy palats (Oktober palace) at Maydan Nezalezhnosti square, go up the stairs, turn left and walk along the path, nicknamed Ho Chi Minh Trail, then there are more stairs down to 4B’s backyard. 

Building 4B is known as the home of art organisation Mystetska platforma (Art platform) and its backyard – as a place where the Tsoi Wall is. The building is a slowly decaying historical landmark which is currently abandoned.

Two years ago some people painted a picture of Soviet rock musician Viktor Tsoy on one of the walls and called it the Tsoy Wall. This musician is quite famous because of his revolutionary songs and because of his tragic death. There are Tsoy walls in many post-Soviet cities. Fans come here from time to time and write quotes from his songs on this wall. There are also other random paintings throughout the place.

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4b, Hrushevskoho str., Kyiv

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07:00 - 21:00 daily


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