Ivan Franko theatre and square Kyiv

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Ivan Franko theatre and square – A place to relax

While nearly everyone can visit opera abroad as its language is international and you don’t really have to understand it to enjoy it, very few dare to go to foreign theatres. I agree that watching a play without understanding a word is not the best idea, but you can still admire our theatres without actually buying a ticket.

Kyiv has a few nice ones, but my favourite is Ivan Franko theatre. There is something cosy, peaceful and very Kyivish about it and about the square where it stands. Ivan Franko was our famous writer and poet who lived in during the 19th-20th centuries. The square was once a pond, a part of a local rich man’s estate. There is a small park in front of the theatre with a fountain and several monuments. The best time to come here is late at night in winter, when all is covered with snow and the Christmas lights are lit. Whilethe  theatre is located in the very centre by the busy Khreschatyk street, it is peaceful and quiet here. I like to take a coffee or mulled wine, watch the snow slowly falling and enjoy the silence.

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3, Ivana Franka square, Kyiv

Opening Times

24 hours daily




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