Kozlovskogo alley Kyiv

Image by AMY / Wikimedia Commons

Kozlovskogo alley – A small park

I love this place because it brings up lots of good memories. Many years ago the popular meeting spot among young people was Lva Tolstogo metro station near Bessarabka square. After meeting there we would usually take a bottle of something and go either to Kozlovskogo alley or to the backyard on parallel Kropyvnitsogo street. Years have passed, but we still come here from time to time.

The alley is conveniently located halfway between Bessarabka square and Upper city – Pechersk. You can walk up Krutiy uzvis street, climb the stairs and turn right. The alley is quite short, there are only three buildings on its left side – a school and two residential houses, and it ends with a park. The main feature of the alley is a small park with several benches and a monument to Ukrainian singer Ivan Kozlovskiy. You can grab some snacks or drinks in the nearby “Lipki” market and sit under one of the trees, so even if it rains you’ll be fine. There are hardly any people here, it is quiet and private. Also it is very safe, as this is one of the most expensive and prestigious districts in Kyiv.

In winter when it’s too cold to sit on a bench, you can still use this hidden route as an alternative to big central streets.

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Kozlovskogo alley, Kyiv

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