Teatralna metro station Kyiv

Image by Lena Shcherbak

Teatralna metro station – Dancing in the lobby

As far as I know most people in European countries and in the US are looking forward to retirement. This is the time when they can finally get some rest and do all the things they’ve always wanted to. Well, it is completely the opposite in Ukraine. Even after reaching their retirement age, Ukrainians keep working as long as they can, as the pension is so small, they can hardly afford to pay their monthly utility bills. Still our old folks try to find ways to have fun.

Whenever I am at Teatralna station metro station on a weekend night around 19:00 I witness one of the most optimistic and life-asserting sights. Tens and sometimes even hundreds of grannies and grandpas dress in their best and gather in the station lobby to dance, sing, chat and have fun. Some grannies wear traditional Ukrainian costumes. Grandpas bring their accordions, tambourines and sopilkas (a wooden Ukrainian wind instrument). The setlist consists mostly of Ukrainian folk songs and performance is actually very good, some of them are probably professional singers. I’ve seen them gathering here for many years and it’s great that they still manage to keep this tradition going.

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Details about this spot



8, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho str., Kyiv

Opening Times

Fri - Sun around 19:00


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