Vozdvizhensky Kyiv

Image by Svetlana Patrikeeva

Vozdvizhensky – Former ghost town

Have you ever heard of the ghost town inside of Kyiv? It’s here, just behind the corner on Andriyivsky descent. It’s a quarter named Vozdvizhensky with nice houses built in a European style, bright and colorful, barber shops, coffee spots, cafes and restaurants. BOTAN library is located here, too. But most amazing is the story of the development developing of this quarter. Expensive houses were built for sale, but the demand wasn’t as high as was expected. Slowly, the quarter turned into a real ghost town – pretty but empty – and stayed like that for a long time. A couple of years ago Vozdvizhensky was revived. The first Kurazh Bazar sale took place here. A lot of restaurants with interesting concepts were opened (check out Lyubchik for example). Now Vozdvizhensky is a quarter with its own dynamic and energy.

I love walking around Vozdvizhensky with friends and city guests who are always inspired by the legend of a ghost town which looks totally different (especially in contrast to the old city and Andriivsky descent). A new experience all over again.

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Vozdvizhenska St, Kyiv

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24 hours daily


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