Zhytniy market Kyiv

Image by Lena Shcherbak

Zhytniy market – True Kiev

In one of my articles I said that two places that usually give me the best idea about locals are markets and churches. I already told you about the church so now it’s time for a market.

Most Ukrainians buy their food at markets, also called bazar or rynok. These are the places where you can buy groceries, bargain and see the true Kyiv. My favorite is Zhytniy market at Podil district. It is so old, it already existed in the times of Kyivan Rus!

I like to come here during my lunch break or on weekends. The building of the market is quite unique and unusual, it was built during the Soviet period and slightly resembles a Chinese pagoda. When you come inside it might seem a little chaotic, but take your time to look around.

Here’s what you can do here – buy local food, watch local people buying food (it can be fun), buy dried fruit from the Uzbeks, have one my favorite Georgian hatchapuri (layered cheese bread), have a cup of freshly squeezed Azerbaijan pomegranate juice, have a glass of local Ukrainian wine or cider which is sold on tap at one of the stalls along with local cheese.

Then, you can go outside, on the right side of the market there are lots of repair shops. They are also part of the fun. If you need to mend your shoe, fix your zipper, make a copy of your key or sharpen your knife, it’s all here! 

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16, Verkhniy Val, Kyiv

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