Adamastor Lisbon

Image by Susana Soares

Adamastor – Relaxing by the giant

When the Portuguese crews of the 1400s sailed from Lisbon to discover the world, they faced many dangers that tested their bravery.

Adamastor was a scary mythical figure who resided in the Indian Ocean and made life very difficult for the sailors who dared enter his realms by going around the Cape of Storms (later named Cape of Good Hope). This giant was an inspiration for some Portuguese authors as Luís de Camões who wrote about Vasco da Gama’s encounter with it, in his famous epic “Os Lusíadas”.

To our beloved poet, the meeting with this gigantic force of nature represented the Portuguese ability to overcome fear and conquer the unknown, and also the power of love hidden inside even the most horrific creatures.

Even though the site (Miradouro de Santa Catarina) is currently being worked on and cleaned up until March, you can still pass by and peek its hidden wonders, like the river view and the “Adamastor” statue by Júlio Vaz Júnior. After all, it’s not by chance that people have been coming here for decades.

There are also lots of cool spots around the area, where you can hang out, see the view and have a drink, and it’s very close to Bairro Alto (check the Bairro Alto article).

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401, R. de Santa Catarina, Lisbon

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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