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Francesco Ercoli Serrão (1997)

About me
Hi! My name is Francesco.
I was born in Lisbon, Portugal. I grew up loving this city, until one day I shifted my perception. The city became a synonym of pollution, capitalism and human disconnection. I went out and travelled to different Nature-connecting projects and learned to live as a part of Nature, to see everything as participating in a larger scheme, which is Nature. This made me realise I need to work towards a more balanced life. Cooperation from all environments is vital, especially from cities. That’s why I have found this calling to shift and contribute towards more opportunities for greener, more cooperative and respectful cities.

Why Lisbon
Lisbon is one of the most hyped places in Europe at the moment, but you know that, right? Well, I had been travelling and working abroad the last few years, so upon my return I was amazed/shocked by how much tourism there was and (I’m going to say it), I feared what Londoners fear most: gentrification!

With several buildings needing renovating, Lisbon is fertile ground for massive displacement of local residents and businesses. So, although it’s possibly contradictory, I love to share and bring people to places that hold the pieces that make up the multiple hearts of Lisbon.

More than loving Lisbon as a city, as an ideal, I love the lady in the balcony, looking down, I love the little garden that keeps breathing within the city, I love the old man selling chestnuts and I love the shops and restaurants selling, and cooking wonders from organic, local ingredients. This and so much more, I love and wish to support.

Where else can you find me online?
Launching a website soon, with plenty of juicy written work.

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