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Raquel Dias (1984)

About me
Hi! I’m Raquel Dias, a girl privileged enough to be fulfilling one of her dreams: to live in her favorite city, Lisbon, in a house shared with her toddler and two adorable and fat cats.

It has been said that sometimes it takes a bit of distance to see things from the right perspective. So, after a wonderful year living in Seville, Spain, studying and even helping out teaching English to Spanish kids, I came back knowing where I really wanted to live and work in.

I love people and being able to help them, which partially explains why I’ve started out studying Law but ended up happy with my transition to a career in HR; but I also like to feed my hobbies, and my passion for writing has always been a constant in my life. Therefore, the possibility to share some of my favorite spots in Lisbon with you, so that you can enjoy them as much as I do, is nothing but an amazing opportunity!

Why Lisbon?
It’s not easy to pinpoint exactly when my love story with Lisbon began. But I fell hard for this city!

I was born and raised in the suburbs, and as a kid, going to Lisbon always seemed like a big deal to me. It was as a teenager that I craved spending more and more time in the city: sure, the monuments were beautiful… but what I really liked was admiring the diversity of people, the light and the beauty of the streets, as well as the wonderful surprises that would appear at any given minute: a wonderful and panoramic view, a building covered in tiles, a street performance or the intricate patterns in the cobblestone pavement. Not to mention the connection the city has with the Tejo river, that is energizing and relaxing to even look at!

And as I grew up, a couple of other things caught my attention. It’s now easier to better appreciate how welcoming and nice the people are here, and the surprising diversity of nationalities and cultures that peacefully coexist in the city. The fact that Lisbon is in constant evolution also makes me proud: new and original businesses have been opening constantly even when faced with a brutal economical crisis.

In a nutshell: the views, the monuments, the wonderful people and the relaxed lifestyle make it the best city in the world. At least for me :).

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