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Susana Soares (1982)

About me
I’m Susana, I was born in ’82 and I’ve been living in Lisbon almost all of my life.

Being a native, one of the things I love to do is taking the time to go out and explore the city as if it’s my first time visiting. There is so much you don’t notice when you have a picture on your mind of what you’re looking to find!

So I’m a learner, an explorer, an experience collector, a food lover, a keen observer and an incurable optimist. I like to explore outside the city center, looking for hidden gems that can take you out of expected trails or routines.

Why Lisbon
What I truly love about Lisbon is the way the city reveals itself in surprising ways. You can walk up a street, turn the corner and suddenly uncover an amazing view across the hill, as if you could find secret viewpoints where you least expect them.

There are always new places opening, lots of culture, lots of life, and the city has numerous places where you can relax and contemplate if you want to let go a bit of the constant stimulus that is all around.

It is a peaceful city, with warm friendly locals, an incredible light and great history behind it. Home for artists, poets, adventurers, spies and kings.

I also love how it has been reconstructed after surviving the great 1755 earthquake and how you can still trace some signs that tell its story.

And I mustn’t forget the food! Oh my god, certain delicacies that you can only find here are certainly a big “must try” when I’m showing friends around the city.

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