Jardins de Telheiras Lisbon

Image by Susana Soares

Jardins de Telheiras – Disconnecting in the city

Urban gardens are a great way to find locals and experience a typical local day.

Not the big ones listed on tourist guides and blogs – even though you should visit them too! – but the smaller neighborhood gardens, hidden or tucked away between residential buildings and local commerce, right outside our houses, or just a small walk away.

There are a lot of them in Lisbon. They sometimes go unnoticed and even unused, but for me they are a breath of fresh air in a bit of nature, away from the urban noise or even from my own apartment when I’m working from home. And a great way to disconnect and look for inspiration and fresh ideas!

This one in Telheiras (Jardim Professor Sousa Franco) is a good example. I go there often, not just to relax or have a coffee with some friends or family in the local Padaria Portuguesa (where you can be warmer in the winter), but mostly to work on my laptop or to take little inspirational walks and some sun on my face!

It’s close to a good Library (Biblioteca Orlando Ribeiro) where you have free wifi and lots of books to read, it’s near a lot of local restaurants, bars and cafes, and it’s right next to the Telheiras metro station (green line). 

Oh and it has a little secret: some of the park benches have reversible backrests, so if you want to sit, you can change perspectives and choose which view you prefer.

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Rua Professor Sousa Franco, Lisbon

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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