Retrosaria Bijou Lisbon

Image by Raquel Dias

Retrosaria Bijou – The nostalgic world of sewing

Warning: heavy nostalgia in this post!

As a kid I lived with my family in the suburbs, and I always had a blast when I needed to come to Lisbon with my mom so she could purchase fabric. While running these errands, there was one store I particularly liked -Retrosaria Bijou. It seemed, at the time, dated, but in a special way.

My favorite thing would be admiring the register machine (a precious piece that you should check out) and admire the world of buttons and zippers that my mom was choosing from like an absolute pro.

I never really got past the fact that I grew up to be the only woman (in a family of seamstresses) that cannot sew to save her life; but I also never really got past the passion of visiting Rua da Conceição, where Retrosaria Bijou has been for decades now amongst other stores dedicated to the knickknacks associated with sewing, and admiring how things were back then.

My favorite part about this store these days also lies in the outside: the outside of the store is painted blue and it’s a pop of retro colour amidst all the other stores in the street.

Take a picture outside, but do also go inside – to me it always feels like going back in time in the most nostalgic way.

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