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The Food Temple – A holy foodie experience

To reach this restaurant, you must go into the wonderful maze that is the neighbourhood of Mouraria. From Martim Moniz, walk up. Pass by the old ginjinha bar (very traditional cherry liquor) and cross the patio where some elders might be grilling something outdoors whilst watching the football match. Look up, the old lady on the 3rd floor might be observing you from the windowsill. Continue straight ahead and watch your head for the bras drying on the hanging lines!

There it is! The lost, newly found Food Temple.

Nestled in a cosy patio, with stairs that welcome outdoor sitting, a tree and the door, inviting you in for some treats. Inside there are 6 tables plus a shared table. It offers vegan and vegetarian cuisine, with menus that shift with the seasons, guaranteeing absolute freshness and support for local Portuguese growers.    

The food always carries an extra punch of creativity, blending very familiar tastes with exotic ones in a healthy, fulfilling blend of world foods. The desserts are always delicious, so save some space! Last time I had a black-as-night chocolate and raw whiskey cheesecake… Yum!

At times it may host cultural events such as outdoor cinema screenings and live music, depending on the weather.

It tends to be rather full, for gems can’t hide themselves forever (luckily!), so either get there earlyish or book a table to avoid having to venture out into the maze on an empty stomach!


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Beco do Jasmim 18, Lisbon

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Wed - Sun 19:30 - 23:00


Tapa: € 3.60

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