A Childhood Pattern Ljubljana

Image by Mankica Kranjec

A Childhood Pattern – One-liner graffiti

Within a stone’s throw from a relic from the past, you can find a unique piece of one-liner graffiti on an extensive concrete wall. It consists of a monotonous black line that resembles, to an unknowing passer-by, a platoon of puzzled rabbits. However, these seemingly simple patterns symbolize a more intricate philosophy concocted by a genuinely artistic Slovenian wise guy.

The cottontails, which have conquered this factory-made wall, play an essential role in the 15-minute film “A Pattern from Childhood (Vzorec iz otroštva).” This profound short clip is worth checking out. It might even leave you wondering about some of life’s impossible to answer questions. Who knows, it might even inspire you to write your own manifesto.

You can look at the video while walking towards this remote part of town, Zelena Jama. However, I do have to point out that you ought to look up every now and then and keep an eye out for easygoing Balkan drivers, especially before crossing the road.

In conclusion, I’m taking you to the suburban backwoods of Ljubljana because I want to introduce you to the Slovenian artist known as “The Miha Artnak.” He has been a controversial cultural figure in Slovenia and has come up with some intriguing projects throughout the years. He’ll likely continue being provocative with his art and the ZEK collective. Only time will tell which creative ideas he’ll unleash on the world. Nonetheless, the philosophy behind this graffiti, which is slowly fading, surely is thought-provoking.

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Pokopališka ulica 17, Ljubljana

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