A Street-Chandelier Ljubljana

Image by Mankica Kranjec

A Street-Chandelier – Romantic street lighting

When walking down the streets of Ljubljana, you’re bound to come across many creative street interventions. The cultural scene in this capital is vibrant, inventive, and ballsy. The local creative outbursts present themselves in many different forms. Some come in the shape of stickers and others as colorful, kickass, and controversial graffitis. Sometimes original street performers might even stop you in your tracks.

So if you like quirky things, you can navigate to this unique street fixture. Walk down a charming cobbled lane and discover one of the more relaxing places in town, Gornji Trg. Don’t be fooled, although trg means square in Slovene, you’ll be walking through a cozy street. Personally, I believe that this area, with its excellent restaurants and bistros, is undervalued. It is definitely worth your time.

However, I’m not taking you here to please your tastebuds, or help you get your drink on. I’m guiding you to this part of town so that you can waltz underneath a street chandelier from dusk till dawn (Quentin Tarantino disclaimer: there are no Vampires or psychos here). This particular chandelier might seem a bit out of place. Nevertheless, it graciously brightens this old part of town with a romantic glow. 

Therefore, I’d suggest that you go on a lovey-dovey late-night stroll while you’re in town. Head out to one of the quietest corners of old Ljubljana. Sit down on one of the terraces and enjoy the relaxing, dreamy atmosphere underneath the only outdoor chandelier of its kind in Ljubljana. 

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Gornji trg 25, Ljubljana

Opening Times

24 hours daily


Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)