Abandoned plants sanctuary Ljubljana

Image by Aja Sredanović

Abandoned plants sanctuary – Adopt a plant

What started as an art project, turned into one of the most adorable and noble initiatives. The volunteers of the sanctuary are rescuing withering flower-pot plants from the streets of Ljubljana. They find them mostly next to the dumpsters of different shopping malls, flower shops and so on, since they are no longer attractive to their customers. They also accept plants if their previous owners can’t take care of them anymore. When the plants are healthy, after intensive care, they are ready for adoption. Anyone who wants to adopt a plant has to sign an adoption agreement – an oath that guarantees good care at the plant’s new home. When you adopt one, you are also not the owner, but more the plant’s caretaker.

The main statement behind the project Zavetišče za zavržene rastline, is that plants are living creatures and should not be treated as objects. They are an important part of our environment and not merely a decorative element of our homes. At the moment you can adopt plants at Pritličje and Zavod Eneja. Written opening times are for bar Pritličje.

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2 Mestni trg, Ljubljana

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Sun - Wed 09:00 - 01:00, Thu - Sat 09:00 - 03:00

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