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Jošt Derlink (1990)

About me
Yugoslavian design, sustainable development, participatory urbanism, languages, Rašica sweaters and soups are a few of my favourite things. In 2016 I started working as a librarian in the Library of Things and few months later I took over coordination of the project. I’m volunteering at another amazing project called Izmenjevalnica. With those two projects, I can combine most of my favourite things on a daily basis, which is awesome. #blessed

I was born in Ljubljana and have been calling it my home ever since. My second home is Prague, where I lived for a while and I’m still visiting my Czech “family” at least every second month.

Why Ljubljana?
I believe living in Ljubljana is a textbook example of “joie de vivre”. It so cosy and adorable, so it’s even hard to believe sometimes that it’s a capital … because it was clearly not planned as a capital. I love the lack of monumentalism in Ljubljana. Even the National Gallery shared its building with a fitness centre till 2014!

But we’re not limited with the size of the city. We like to think big and search for a way, how to express and realize our ideas. And while we’re developing our ideas, we need a lot of coffee.

Where else can you find me online?

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