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Jože Slobodnik (1991)

About me
The story about Jože is still in the typewriter. My passion is to express myself in a sincere, sometimes childishly innocent, even naive way. I figured out that it’s the best way to attract like-minded people, those who will make an impact on my life.

Writing is one of those creative exhausts, allowing me to articulate my deepest thoughts and fears. It is a humble wish of mine to get in the process of writing professionally and travelling at the same time.

Why Ljubljana
The main thing about Ljubljana it is that it is slowly (and unfortunately) becoming the only major tourist destination in the country. The city centre is getting more crowded every year, but some peripheral locations have really stayed untouched. My plan is to focus my attention on these. They really capture the true essence of Slovenia and its people and are therefore a must-see for the unspoiled eye of a newcomer.

Where else can you find me online?

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