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About me
I am the creator and doer of all things chaotic by nature. Every fiber in my body urges me to travel and explore the world. My wanderlust has taken me for memorable rides on numerous occasions, and I hope this will never change. Molding the captivating image of everyday life, as perceived by my curious mind, into words keeps me happy. I am being led by a strong desire to lead by example, search for beauty in strange places, and confine myself to the present. If you have tips or tricks for the latter, I am all ears.

Some also say that I am a daydreamer, an enthusiastic soul, and an idealist with a cluttered mind, who has an intense longing for a better future. I presume it is safe to say that I have the ambition to figure out how to engage people to preserve the spherical rock we collectively inhabit.

In all honesty, I am a hoarder, of memories, with an inquisitive nature. Still, at times I might be inclined to be more of an observer instead of being the conversationalist who asks numerous questions. Nevertheless, I will never avoid good discussions. With which I mean that the introvert in me has a severe aversion to small talk. I guess that is me in a nutshell, folks. How did a big-hearted NUT fit into a tiny shell like this one? Find out for yourself, come on, don’t be afraid to explore the meanders of my contemplative mind.

Why Ljubljana
I am an enormous fan of my adopted hometown. Ljubljana; no matter how small, it has it all. I might be a bit biased because the love of my life was born and raised here, but I am not entirely exaggerating. This city has a genuine village feel to it. It is one of the few capitals in this world that was not designed to become one. Yet, it still offers a complete package. Lush green areas, beautiful architecture, a fabulous food culture, and on top of that, you will notice that everything is within reach. You can easily cross the city by bicycle, on foot (if your boots were made for walking), or in the back of a police car and not get too tired.

Now, I have always been a sucker for cities that offer me the opportunity to occasionally isolate myself. Needless to say, Ljubljana stole this brooder’s heart. The city can get a bit crowded. Especially during summertime. But it easily pleases my humble soul. When I want to clear my mind, I can go for a stroll next to the Ljubljanica, hike on top of Golovec, or explore Roznik hill. Discovering a spot where one can feel as if he/she is the only cool cat walking the Earth is not that complicated.

Nevertheless, I am eager to share my spots with you, a sophisticated, intelligent, and übercool traveler. You deemed this borough worthy enough for a visit, and I salute you for that. Enjoy my spots!

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