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Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Bankomat – Solid advice!

If you’re an ‘old(er)-school-wandering-soul’ like me, or feel the need to carry some actual money in your pockets, you’ll need to read this. I’ll focus on the cunning ATMs that appeared in the streets of Ljubljana. Please bear with me, this information might be useful for your future city trips as well.

When in Ljubljana, I suggest that you look for the inconspicuous ‘bankomat’ (which means ATM in Slovene) from the conventional banks. They’re scattered all over town. The one I posted is the bankomat I usually go to for withdrawals. Like anywhere in the world, you will notice that they’re built into the solid walls of the corresponding bank. To make things more transparent, most of them have been marked with a sign that says ‘Bankomat.’ I believe that knowing this will prevent you from being confronted with steep transaction fees and crappy exchange rates. Consequently preventing you from getting swindled, and ensuring that your new memories (made in Slovenia) won’t be blemished. 

Because there are other ATM’s that popped up when tourism started booming in Slovenia. Coincidence? I think not. They’re tourist traps in disguise, out for your hard-earned dollar. These ATMs are programmed to distinguish between foreign and local cards. Subsequently, they trick you by offering absurd exchange rates, charging ridiculous transaction fees, and urging you to withdraw substantial amounts of money. Quite often, they are flashy (showcasing blue and yellow colors), stand-alone machines with ATM written on them. Hence, easily distinguishable from their more trustworthy counterparts.


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Stritarjeva ulica, Ljubljana

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24 hours daily
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